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SHOXS 4800

Bucket-style suspension seat with whole body isolation

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SHOXS 4800 is a suspension seat that converts to a standing bolster for high speed interceptors and military vessels. The 4800 is suitable for installation on open boats, RHIBs and cabin boats. Typical applications include helmsman, navigator, crew and pax (passenger) seating. The drop out seat pan enables the occupant to choose standing or sitting operation of the boat and critical equipment. In the seated position the footrest provides whole-body isolation. The 4800 seat can be used with conventional dashboard controls or armrest mounted controls can be specified.

The 10 inch (250 mm) Air Isolator suspension travel is designed to provide comfort and shock mitigation. The SHOXS 4800 utilizes CNC machined, hard anodized 6061-T6 and 5086 H116 aluminum construction. Components include 316 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel fasteners and Titanium. The highly reinforced armrests prevent lateral ejection. There is an option of black or grey anodizing and the seat upholstery is hand stitched.

The SHOXS 4800 is compatible with KINETIX, an advanced seat monitoring and analysis system. The technology allows maritime agencies to lower risk of crew injury or equipment failure by providing both on-board feedback as well as tailored reporting to agencies with any size fleet.

Suspension Travel 10 inch (250 mm)
Material CNC Aluminum / 316 SS / Titanium
Typical Weight 146 lb (66 kg)
Dimensions H 1160 mm / W 574 mm / D 965 mm
H 45.7 in / W 22.6'' / D 38 in
Finish Hard Anodized (Grey or Black)
Height Adjustment Available
Fore/Aft Slider Available
Adjustable Suspension Available
Armrests Standard Available
Armrests Wide Available
Storage/Chart Pocket Available
Hand Grips Available
2 Point Harness (Lap Belt) Available
4 Point Harness Available
5 Point Harness Available
Cup Holder Available
Headrest Available
Integrated Footrest Available
TRAXS Mount Available
Tandem Mount Option Available
Armrest Mounted Controls Available
Integrated Workstation Available
Drop Down Seat Base Available
Deck Mount Available
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SHOXS 4800 fore/aft adjustment, height adjustment, and seat base deployment