Optimize Deck, Cabin, and Console Space for the Ideal Seating

We help boatbuilders and naval architects optimize deck, cabin and console space for the ideal seating arrangement and ergonomics.

When designing high speed craft, weight and space are often limiting factors. Our experience working with the world’s leading boatbuilders has resulted in our expertise in best practices in seat layout, spacing, and ergonomics to optimize onboard crew operations and craft performance.

Our design team can work with boatbuilders and naval architects to provide general arrangement drawings of helm or cockpit design, showing the total recommended quantity of shock mitigating seating, along with the proper spacing for ingress, egress, and occupant comfort that includes considerations for visibility and equipment reachability. For open cockpit layouts, we can design reconfigurable, multi-mission layouts using track systems so seating can move out of the way, or be removed altogether, to ensure the best use of space

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