Impact mitigating suspension seating designed for high speed watercraft.
3200 X8

About Shoxs

Shoxs seats feature a patented and revolutionary design using marinized air shock technology to reduce physical impact when traveling through rough waters. Shoxs seats are utilized by professional maritime organizations to aid in the prevention of long-term injury and fatigue resulting from exposure to impact and vibration on the water.

Military / Professional Suspension Seats

SHOXS 4800 Grey Black

Bucket Suspension Seats

The bucket seat design allows a natural seated posture for static movement and dynamic impacts.

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SHOXS 5005 Grey Black

Jockey Suspension Seats

Jockey-style seats are saddle-shaped and designed to allow the user to actively use the legs for support.

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SHOXS 8180 Grey Black t

Troop Seats

Troop seats are designed for use on high-density transport applications.

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Who we serve

SHOXS 6100 on patrol with the US Coast Guard

We’ve equipped some of the hardest-working men and women on earth in jobs where life and health are at stake and brought them home safely time and time again.

We serve the ones who will weather any storm, who understand that merely arriving on scene isn't enough: they have to be fit to perform when they get there.

Our customers are the ones who operate in the most demanding conditions and rely on equipment that delivers them to the mission safely every time.

Why Shoxs

Many of the original Shoxs seats are still operating in the field after a decade because:
We don't rely on third-party suppliers. Our in-house team produces the highest quality of specialized components like upholstery, suspension, and electronics.
We use CNC machined parts with hard anodized surfaces for every one of our seats.
Bolting our parts instead of welding them results in tighter tolerances and a more solid feel, and eliminates the need for specialized labor for repairs.
Every single critical component is tested, serialized, and certified, providing a traceable history and confidence in the quality.
Our warranty claims are the lowest in the industry. End users experience less maintenance, fewer repairs, and a lower total cost of ownership.
Parts are never painted or powder coated, which means surfaces will not peel, chip or scratch over time.

Shoxs - the safest, smoothest ride.


Shoxs has over a decade of experience developing high performance, mechanically-complex equipment built to withstand harsh environments. We offer a selection of design services and impact mitigation consulting to our customers who require more specialized solutions for seating, measurement, or strategy development.