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Jockey seats are saddle-shaped and designed to allow the user to actively use the legs for feedback and support as well as optimize body posture during impacts. Jockey seats typically have a more compact footprint and lower weight relative to bucket seats, making them ideal for small, high-speed rigid inflatable vessels. Jockey seats typically mount directly to the boat's deck, or can be mounted on a box or riser for additional height or improved line of sight.

Jockey seats can be mounted on track systems to move the seats out of the way when not in use.

The Shoxs jockey seat collection features three basic configurations:

  • Fixed seat base
  • Folding seat base
  • Extendable backrest to accommodate a stretcher
  • Tandem mount (saves space by using one suspension mount for two seats)

Shoxs jockey seats can be equipped with fore/aft adjustment, height adjustment, and a variety of suspension travel heights, depending on intended usage. Accessories such as grab handles and storage bags can add functionality and comfort.