Impact Science

Shoxs has been protecting crews and extending maritime careers for over a decade with premium-quality suspension seating designed for high speed watercraft. The technical team leads the industry with experience delivering proven solutions for real world challenges, through a combination of sea trials, lab testing, science and engineering. We are consistently raising the bar with forward-thinking innovation, functional design, and most importantly, a focus on safety.

Shoxs 6100 On Patrol With The US Coast Guard

Shock Mitigation Seating

Over the long-term, high-speed watercraft can expose boaters to a dangerous accumulation of impacts that can cause chronic pain and debilitating injuries. Shock-mitigating safety gear consists of an interface between an input surface, such as a boat's deck, and a person seeking to reduce their exposure.

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SHOXS 6300 helm seating with jockey seats for passengers or crew

Human Impact Exposure

The duration of wave-slam events can be a lightning-fast 100 milliseconds, reaching nearly 10 g. These conditions can make for a dangerous ride, and the shock-mitigation industry has advanced both in technology and testing methods to combat the problem.

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BAE Pac 24 Crew Seating

Suspension Travel

Shock mitigating equipment is designed to increase the time duration of each impact. The longer it takes to undergo the impact velocity change, the smoother the ride will be, and adding suspension travel to a shock-mitigating device is a sensible way to achieve this. It’s akin to giving the car more braking distance before the wall.

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Shoxs droptester

Impact Testing

Shoxs has taken a measurement-driven approach to the problem of marine shock mitigation. Our company is driven by the desire to test, optimize, and re-test its seats to deliver the best configurations for every application. After all, if you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.

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International Standards

Referred to as mechanical shocks, wave impacts and the hazards they pose have not escaped the attention of major sea-faring organizations and governments. Shoxs' products outperform the competition in performance in the laboratory and on the water with seating that exceeds industry standards set by the EU vibration directive 2002/44/EC and UK MOD testing protocols.

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Our impact science reference page contains useful links and terminology.

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