The future 

of shock mitigation 

has arrived.

introducing an all-new suspension seat
designed for the recreational boater.

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Products & Services

Kinetix gives operator real time impact data


Patented, marinized air shock suspension seating reduces physical impact while traveling through rough water.

Digital Log Book


Impact monitoring systems alert crews to harmful exposure and record data for post-mission analysis.

Shoxs droptester


Custom seat design and impact mitigation consultation for maritime agencies and boatbuilders.


Shock Mitigation Solutions by Industry


Shoxs Helmcaster X4
Shoxs Helmcaster X8
Shoxs Saltcaster X4
Shoxs Saltcaster X8
Shoxs Saltcaster L3
Shoxs 3200 X8
Shoxs X8 Pedestal Mount
Shoxs 5005
Shoxs X4 Pedestal Mount

The latest news

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United Safety Acquires Allsalt Maritime

This acquisition will bring together United Safety’s specialty in preventing serious injury and death using advanced Active and Semi Active suspension systems and blast mitigation seating for military with Allsalt’s world class expertise in shock and vibration mitigation systems for marine applications.

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The Science of Marine Suspension Seating

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We are committed to reducing the transmission of shock and vibration to vessel occupants through product design excellence and a deep understanding of physical principles.

We believe that a scientific approach to impact evaluation will lead to technical innovations and a safer marine environment.

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Trusted by the world's top agencies.

Ideal for those who work on the water.

See why Nick Stanczyk, a Florida Keys charter captain, can't live without Shoxs suspension seat mounts underneath his helm seats.

Marinized to the highest level.

Grey Metal Crop

Premium-Quality Components

Shoxs seats are constructed with clear hard coat anodized aluminum metal parts. Once an aluminum surface is anodized, the finish becomes even stronger than what it was before, adding corrosion resistance and UV protection.

The anodized aluminum won't chip, flake, or peel, get weathered, or rust, making it an ideal material for longevity in saltwater environments.

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