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impact-mitigating pedestal mounts.

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Bulkhead Mounted Footrest
Hand Grips
SHOXS 5605
SHOXS 6300
SHOXS 4800
SHOXS 2000

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The right seating system can extend your time on the water.

Many boaters and anglers intent on beating the masses to the best spots have blasted through rough chop and suffered the woes of back pain the next day. What they may not realize is that repeated exposure to shocks from boats can contribute to chronic pain and increased risk of injuries over time.

Wave impacts and the hazards they pose have not escaped the attention of major sea-faring organizations and governments.  A special report by the Office of Naval Research indicated that 65% of their Special Boat Operators reported mechanical shock injuries, many serious enough to require medical attention.  Through its vibration directive 2002/44/EC, the European Union has gone so far as to impose strict shock dosage limits to protect its workers. 

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