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SHOXS 3200
FLIR Control Mount
SHOXS PRO Adjustable Isolators
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SHOXS 3200 X8
SHOXS 5005
SHOXS 3900 X4
Adjustable Height Footrest
Hand Grips
SHOXS 5605
SHOXS 6300
SHOXS 4800
SHOXS 2000

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A practical first step in the process of installing marine suspension seating

What is a SHOXS Infoset and why should I use one? You asked, we answered.

When planning any new boat build involving shock mitigating seats, there are number of questions that likely need answers. How many seats will fit at the helm, and how much space should be between them? Can the occupant see over the console? Will the driver’s knees hit the dash?

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