Specialized Solutions for Marine Seating and Monitoring Wave Impacts

Shoxs has over a decade of experience developing high performance, mechanically-complex equipment built to withstand harsh environments. Along the way, we’ve assembled a team of experts specializing in seat design, selecting and testing materials, and performing scientific research and mathematical modeling. We offer a selection of design services and impact mitigation consulting to our customers who require more specialized solutions for seating, measurement, or strategy development.

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General Arrangements and Seat Selection

We help boatbuilders and naval architects optimize deck, cabin and console space for the ideal seating arrangement and ergonomics.

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Custom Seat Design

We help boatbuilders and end users manage complex seating specifications and vessel integrations.

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Design for Human Factors

We can help maritime agencies develop equipment with the best fit to ensure that crews can perform to the best of their abilities.

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Seat Performance Simulation and Testing

We can help agencies design a tailored impact mitigation strategy using data models and custom testing.

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Whole Body Vibration Consulting

We help employers navigate regulatory guidelines to shock and vibration exposure limits.

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