Finding the Best Ergonomic Fit for Boat Crews

We can help maritime agencies develop equipment with the best fit to ensure that crews can perform to the best of their abilities.

We apply human factors expertise to boat systems, enabling agencies to improve safety and efficiency and ensure crews arrive ‘fit to fight’ when they arrive on scene. We take a systems approach to human factors, applying our knowledge of physical ergonomics, design principles, and sea conditions to help agencies assess the interactions between the users, their equipment, and the surrounding environment.

We often assist agencies or builder in vessel design by:

  • Recommending seat, helm deck or riser heights to obtain line proper line of sight.
  • Consulting on console sizing and geometry to attain optimal visibility.
  • Performing reach studies for common tasks like operating binnacle and camera controls or reaching for lights and sirens.
  • Assess range of motion for occupants based on seat placement or proximity to other equipment.
  • Assess whether full-body suspension is recommended based on the sea conditions.
DRAWING 4 Console Ergo 2000 for brochure R 02