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A Clear Advantage

Clear hard coat aluminum is standardized across Shoxs seat line
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A Clear Advantage

We're now offering our standard Shoxs product line with clear hard coat anodized aluminum metal parts, which results in a natural gray color.

Shoxs seats have always been constructed with high-quality, anodized aluminum metal parts. Once an aluminum surface is anodized, the finish becomes even stronger than what it was before, adding corrosion resistance and UV protection. The anodized aluminum won't chip, flake, or peel, get weathered, or rust, making it an ideal material for longevity in saltwater environments.  While our traditional black finish is incredibly strong, clear anodizing has some significant advantages.

It's stronger:

Clear hard coat anodization means there is no dye in the process, making it the strongest finish available. The grey color you see is actually the raw aluminum, meaning there may be some variations in the metal color. 

We do offer black anodizing as an option (subject to minimum quantity requirements and longer lead times) if color consistency is a concern. 

The anodizing process creates a surface that is three times thicker than what standard aluminum provides. In general, anodized clear aluminum is one of the toughest and most versatile metal products on the market. In contrast, when color is added to the anodization process, the finish becomes slightly weaker, making it possible for corrosion or UV damage over the long term. 

The stronger clear finish will result in better UV-resistance, keeping the seats looking as fresh as the day they were installed.

Clear anodizing creates a paintable surface:

The clear anodizing finish results in a ready-to-paint surface, ideal for builders who prefer to paint or powder coat to complement the boat's aesthetics.

We can pass on the savings:

By standardizing our entire product line to one color, we gain economies of scale that result in favorable raw material prices that we pass on to our customers.

Standard metal and upholstery colors for the Shoxs product line:

Mil/Pro Series (2000, 5000, 6000, 8000): 

Gray metal parts + black upholstery (except the 2000 Series which will remain the legacy black metal).

Commercial/Recreational Series (3000): 

Gray metal parts + a choice of gray or white upholstery.

Want a different color metal or upholstery?

No problem - simply contact us for a quote. A minimum order quantity may be required, and lead times may be longer.