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Adjustable Height Footrest

Manually adjustable height footrest with fold up tread

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Available on the 3200-X8 and the 3400-X8, the Adjustable Height Footrest allows occupants to sit ergonomically with proper foot support. A patent-pending spring-loaded knob allows quick and easy adjustments to the height of the foot platform, giving occupants of any size a safe and comfortable fit. The fold up tread moves the footrest out of the way when not needed, allowing for standing space or movement at the helm. Anodized metal parts stand up to the elements with minimal maintenance. 

The Adjustable Height Footrest can be retrofitted onto existing 3200-X8 and 3400-X8 seats, and is compatible with the Fore-Aft Adjustment, Height Adjustment, and Swivel options.

Weight 20.94 lb / 9.5 kg
Materials Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Structural Plastic
Adjustable Height Footrest Infoset
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3000 Series Options: Adjustable Height Footrest, Fore/Aft, Height Adjust, and Swivel