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Military / Professional Shock Mitigating Bucket Seats

No matter the type of work on the water, whether for search and rescue, interdiction, patrol, or commercial ventures, a shock mitigating helm or passenger seat is critical to ensure that the crews headed offshore will arrive fit to serve.

The bucket seat design allows a natural seated posture for static movements as well as dynamic impacts. The biggest part of a wave impact is nearly always vertical. When sitting upright in an ergonomically correct posture with the correct spinal curve, the human body is better enabled to take a wave impact and not experience damage. The shock mitigating bucket seat allows a natural posture with air shock suspension to properly absorb the impact while still keeping the spine straight with good arm support. When used in conjunction with proper foot support, allowing the occupant to stay braced and upright, the body is less likely to be thrown or twisted sideways out of spinal alignment.

Depending on the boat configuration, bucket seats for professional mariners typically mount the following ways:

  • Horizontally to the deck
  • Vertically to a bulkhead or cabin wall
  • Recessed inside a helm box or riser.

Shoxs bucket seats for military, commercial and professional use have three basic types of functionality:

  • Fixed seat pan
  • Fold-down seat pan (to enable standing operation)
  • Full-body isolation (the entire human is in mitigation, feet are not in contact with the boat's deck)