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Laptop Tray

SHOXS Folding Laptop Tray for use on all SHOXS Seats with folding armrests. Accommodates a standard sized laptop or tablet.

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The SHOXS Laptop Tray allows the occupant to utilize the tray to operate onboard laptop computers or tablets. Makes a perfect space for filling out log books, writing citations or if you just need a place for a snack. The tray folds up and out of the way so the occupant can enter or exit the seat. 

Made from 5086 Aluminum it can be drilled to permanently mount equipment. 

The Laptop Tray can be refitted onto existing SHOXS Seats. Left and Right hand installations available. Compatible with SHOXS Hand Grips

Custom sizes are available for varying uses. Contact the Sales Team at SHOXS for more information. 

Materials 5086 Aluminum, 316 Stainless Steel
Finish Hard Anodized Aluminum (Grey or Black)
Functionality Fold Up, Left or Right Install
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