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Kinetix Agency Edition

Data recording, on-board alerts, and suspension seat performance monitoring

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Suited for maritime agencies concerned with monitoring and recording the performance of shock mitigating seats and impacts on the vessel and crew. 


Kinetix is an advanced shock monitoring system for high speed craft consisting of lab-quality, marine-grade sensors that integrate with the vessel’s shock-mitigation seating and deck surfaces.

With the Agency Edition, automated crew tracking alerts operators and fleet managers of time-to-limit warnings or impact exposure thresholds. The Kinetix Agency Edition provides a long-term record of every wave impact encountered to inform incident investigation. All major crew exposure metrics may be selected, including the ISO standard A(8) and VDV methods specified in European legislation. The Agency Edition measures suspension seat displacement to provide alerts and data regarding seat bottom-out risk.


The Agency Edition hardware includes:

  • System Processing Unit (SPU)
  • Deck Accelerometer Unit (DAU)
  • Digital Log Book (DLB)
  • Displacement Sensing Unit (DSU)
  • DLB Docking Station
  • 3.5" Real-time Display
  • NMEA 2000 Network and Cabling




Processing Unit Seat-mounted or standalone
Accelerometer Tri-Axial
Display Seat, crew, and/or hull performance
Configurable Warnings Alerts of impact exposure thresholds
Power +12V or +24V
Display Size 3"
Range +/- 30 g
Resolution 1 mg
Frequency Up to 1 kHz
Data Storage 64 GB
Logging Capacity Up to 2000 hours
Active Logging 100 hours
Data Channels 7+
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