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Kinetix Fleet Edition

On-board Impact exposure monitoring and data recording for post-transit analysis

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Suited for maritime agencies concerned with monitoring harmful wave impacts acting on the crews, vessels, or on-board equipment.


Kinetix is an advanced shock monitoring system for high speed craft consisting of lab-quality, marine-grade sensors that integrate with the vessel’s shock-mitigation seating and deck surfaces. Comprehensive seat and deck acceleration data are collected in a compact, low maintenance data processing unit that interfaces with nearly any shock-mitigation seat system on the market.  Configurable warnings provide alerts of impact exposure thresholds. A digital log book records hours of data for download and processing after the completed trip.


The Fleet edition hardware includes:

  • System Processing Unit (SPU)
  • Deck Accelerometer Unit (DAU)
  • Digital Log Book (DLB)
  • DLB Docking Station  
  • 3.5" Real-time Display  
  • NMEA 2000 Network and Cabling


Processing Unit Seat-mounted or standalone
Accelerometer Tri-Axial
Display Seat, crew, and/or hull performance
Configurable Warnings Alerts of impact exposure thresholds
Power +12V or +24V
Display Size 3"
Range +/- 30 g
Resolution 1 mg
Frequency Up to 1 kHz
Data Storage 64 GB
Logging Capacity Up to 2000 hours
Active Logging 100 hours
Data Channels 7+
Kinetix Fleet Infoset
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