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2 Point Harness (Lap Belt)

Aircraft lift-style buckle by SHOXS made entirely from marine grade stainless steel. Adjustable for all sizes and includes a stowage pocket when not in use

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SHOXS has continued to fine tune the functionality and corrosion resistance properties of our lap belts. SHOXS now completely manufacturers our own stainless steel buckles to ensure that all of the components of the buckle and webbing are of the highest quality, marine grade, corrosion resistant materials. The lap belt system is designed for use in the harshest marine environment. The quick release buckle allows occupants to egress the seat with little to no delay. The buckle is operable with a single, gloved hand. All applicable SHOXS Seats come standard with our 2 point lap belt system. Upgraded 4 and 5 point harnessing systems are also available. 

Buckle Quick Release, Stainless Steel
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