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KINETIX Shock Monitoring

KINETIX Shock Monitoring System

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A scalable impact monitoring solution, Kinetix can be configured to display, collect, and record data during vessel operations.

Kinetix is an advanced vessel motion monitoring and crew health tracking system for high speed craft. The system consists of lab-quality, marine-grade sensors that integrate with the vessel’s shock-mitigation seating and deck surfaces, while specialized software records data in a compact, marinized housing. A team of shock and vibration scientists can work directly with agencies to provide periodic reports based on the recorded data.

This includes:

  • Logging accelerations acting on the vessel structure (X,Y, and Z)
  • Logging accelerations seen at the deck and on the occupant of the seat (X,Y, and Z)
  • Measuring seat travel on shock mitigating seats and evaluating bottom-out risks.

Comprehensive seat and deck data are logged in a compact, low maintenance data processing unit that interfaces with nearly any shock-mitigation seat system on the market. Agencies can receive personalized insights into areas that pose the greatest risk to crew safety or vessel operation.

KINETIX Features

  • Measures seat travel and evaluates bottom-out risk
  • Records occupant data for calculating shock exposure
  • Adaptable to most maritime seat makes and models
  • Fully marinized and impact-resistant

Vessel and seat monitoring data integrates with Raymarine and other widely accepted marine electronics displays.

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Power Battery powered or wired into vessel power
Compatibility Wireless, NMEA2K, or Bluetooth
Compatible Shoxs models 4800, 5005, 5605, and all 3000 series pedestal-mounted models
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