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Michael Hall

Spearfishing, Speed, and Shock Mitigation
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Michael Hall

Michael Hall, owner of an engineering consulting firm in Corpus Christi, Texas, likes to fish a little differently than most. Most people use their fishing boat as a tool to catch fish offshore via trolling; Michael gets up close and personal – holding his breath and fishing using a speargun. While most of his fishing happens outside of the boat getting to the spots quickly and in one piece is critical.

Living on the Western-most portion of the Gulf of Mexico lends itself to a steep, tight chop. Unless your boat is 35+ feet long, you don’t have much of a choice but to go slow. For Michael, slow isn’t really an option. “My fishing mates often tell newcomers to the boat that I have two settings while driving: idle or full throttle.” His need for speed is what initially got him interested in shock mitigating seating. “While my body can take a bruising, I wanted to ensure my knees and back stayed limber so that I can continue to fish my entire life. I figured adding shock mitigating seats to my boat was a cheaper alternative to buying a new boat 6+ feet longer than my current one.”

Michael’s career as an Engineer is what led him to choose Shoxs over other brands. “As with most things, I spent a lot of time researching various products, their designs and potential shortcomings. I ended up choosing Shoxs because they met the perfect combination of design, functionality and price. I’m always interested in introducing new technology into my tool chest and I’m excited to have Shoxs seating as a new addition!”