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SHOXS Developing Custom Seats for Dutch

12.3m Guest Tender Features Custom-Built SHOXS 6190
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SHOXS Developing Custom Seats for Dutch

The SHOXS engineering and sales team has been working with Dutch Boat Builder Xtenders to create a custom seat specifically designed to work ergonomically with the their proprietary console and integrate with the onboard overhead support structures. Xtenders specialize in building custom carbon fiber, super light weight yacht tenders. They employ production technology gleaned from Formula 1 and the aerospace industry, providing optimal structural performance while keeping weight to a minimum.

The boats featuring the new custom-built SHOXS-6190 is a 12.3m guest tender — the perfect multifunctional tender for any superyacht. The SHOXS 6190 required a low profile design so as to clear the compact storage area on the mother ship. The seat has a built in height adjustment to accommodate different sized occupants and features a drop down seat base that turns into a stand-up, shock mitigating leaning bolster providing support while seated or standing. This technology is carried over from SHOXS models already in use with the military and law enforcement.

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