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SHOXS Awarded Contract to outfit next-generation Royal Navy RIB seats

Department of Defence announces 60 new Pacific 24 Rigid Inflatable Boats
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When it comes to protecting their men and women in uniform, The Royal Navy don't take chances. That’s why new Royal Navy Pacific 24 MkIV RHIBS will be fitted with SHOXS seats.

The decision to outfit the new BAE Systems RHIBS with SHOXS followed one of the world’s most exhaustive and scientifically valid evaluations of shock mitigating seats in history. Undertaken by the UK Ministry of Defense, this first-of-its-kind evaluation of more than 15 different seat manufacturers encompassed every area of performance, with shock mitigation tests taking over 2 years to complete.

The results? SHOXS unequivocally beat out every competitor, performing better in every scenario, and requiring no complex operations or adjustments for occupant weight. The outcome of this unbiased evaluation effectively proves that SHOXS continues to lead the industry through valid scientific performance testing and innovative engineering designed to stand up to the most demanding operators.

"The vessel is a quantum leap forward in design and capability over its predecessors and will allow sailors to operate for longer in more comfort." — Portsmouth News

Indisputable, validated science isn’t the only reason SHOXS is preferred by the Royal Navy and every other formidable military agency on the planet:

  • SHOXS seats are, by comparison, the lightest in the world.
  • SHOXS seats are the safest.
  • SHOXS seats are uncomplicated; with SHOXSPRO no user-adjustments are required to accommodate occupant weight range.
  • SHOXS seats are extremely high-quality and tough.
  • SHOXS provides integrated solutions for enhanced crew effectiveness with special features like compact and stowable components and armrest mounted controls all encompassed with marine grade weatherproof materials.