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Ambex Refits Military Interceptor with Shoxs Seating

A classic 50-knot high speed vessel gets a makeover
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Ambex Refits Military Interceptor with Shoxs Seating

Ambex Ltd of Sussex, UK has selected Allsalt Maritime Shoxs seats for a unique refit project for the former armed forces high speed watercraft. 

The boat is known as a Very Slender Vessel (VSV) 50, a 16m carbon fibre interceptor. Instead of slamming across the top of the waves, it is designed to pierce through them. 

A low-to-the-water profile makes it hard to detect on radar, making it an ideal reconnaissance platform. The design came about as a response to reduce the 20g-plus shocks being experienced by the crews of patrol and interceptor boats when pushing speed to the extreme.

Ambex’s VSV is a new build on an existing hull, featuring a still practical but more comfortable interior fit-out, including a shower, heads, accommodation and galley. Crew safety is enhanced by use of the latest shock mitigation seating.

It's fitted out with a full suite of Simrad navigation and comms equipment, ideal for high speed chases or a test platform. Seven Allsalt Maritime Shoxs shock mitigation seats will ensure that personnel will be able to endure the loads of such high speed travel.

"Ambex doesn’t operate from a showroom, preferring instead to test, demonstrate, trial, and experiment with different systems on the water," says Will Smith, the company's co-owner and director. 

"Much of our work involves finding solutions that meet a specific law enforcement or military specification. Our recommendations need to be tested at sea in an environment as close as possible to intended operations.”

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