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Rotating 180° or 360° swivel function for SHOXS pedestal-mounted seats

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A sturdy swivel option to provide access to and a view of the surroundings. Heavy-duty aluminum stainless steel and aluminum materials resist corrosion and perform reliably in a marine environment. Easily accessible knob at the base of the bucket loosens and tightens to position seat in optimal location. Swivel has the ability to retrofit on existing SHOXS pedestal-mounted seats.


Available Options:

  • 180° Rotation Left and Right with Forward Positive Lock (should be selected in cases where there are integrated wired controls on the seat)
  • 180° Rotation Left and Right
  • 360° Continuous Rotation with Forward Positive Lock
  • 360° Continuous Rotation


Weight 9.27 lb / 4.2 kg
Materials Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Structural Plastic
Rotation 180° or 360°
Operation Manual
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SHOXS 3700-X8 shock mitigating seat with swivel

SHOXS 3700-X8 shock mitigating seat with swivel


3000 Series Accessories: Footrest, Fore-Aft Adjustment, and Swivel