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SHOXS 2000 Series 360 Swivel

360 degree continuous swivel. Locks in 45 degree increments. Fits between bottom of the SHOXS 2000 and the mounting surface. Easy installation for new a refit projects.

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The 360 degree swivel attachment for the SHOXS 2000 and 2400 seat models was designed to allow the seat to move continuously or lock at 45 degree increments. A spring loaded locking plunger can be actuated with a single gloved hand. Simply pull up on the plunger releasing the seat to turn in either direction. Pulling up and turning the plunger knob slightly will lock the plunger in the up position allowing the seating to swivel freely. Releasing the plunger will allow the seat to turn to the next locking position at which time the plunger will automatically drop into the closest hole. 

The swivel mounts to the base of the SHOXS 2000 and 2400 between the bottom of the seat and the mounting surface so the entire seat is free to turn. The swivel can be installed at the factory on new seats or can be refitted onto existing seats. The swivel is available in Black or Grey anodized aluminum. 

Material 5086/6061 Aluminum, 316L Stainless Steel
Finish Hard Anodized (Grey or Black)
Operation Continuous 360 Degree, 45 Degree Locking Increment
Deck Mount Available
Box Mount Available
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