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Brent Story

Professional Angler and Charter Operator
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Brent Story

Born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia, Brent Story spent many of his childhood days fishing with friends and family. Angling turned into an obsession during his teens and led to the pursuit of professional guiding. Brent has guided the Pacific Northwest waters of Haida Gwaii and as far south as Central America. Today, he runs a busy guide service out of British Columbia called Pacific Pro Charters, hunting salmon, halibut and lingcod off the coast of Vancouver Island.

His boat, Chasin' Tail, is a 30' Northwest Aluminum Craft, and built to handle the rough waters of the Pacific Northwest. Regardless, long days on the water took a toll, and Brent decided to install shock-mitigating seating in his boat. After some investigation, he chose a SHOXS 6155 helm seat and two SHOXS 6300 companion seats to relieve the impacts from the waves, not just for him, but for anyone riding shotgun as well. "It's nice when you have the seats, especially when you're running out every day," he says. "There are other seats out there, but they just don't hold up." He says his clients are more comfortable, and they can run offshore harder and stay out longer without suffering the consequences of a rough ride the next day.

His second-in-command, Chris Plunet, agrees, saying the seats make the boat feel just like a Cadillac. A career spent in logging and fishing have plagued his back with injuries and sciatica. Keeping up a grueling schedule during the season, the fishing team heads offshore up to 100 days in a row. "I can continue to do my job, comfortably, with these seats," Chris says.

Having top of the line gear can translate into more repeat business, too. Brent says that the comfortable ride plays a part in many of his clients coming back for another offshore excursion. "Guests just absolutely love it, and they'll rebook because they know they're not going to be injured for the next three days, or sacrificed for some good fishing."