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The Comfort Factor

After intensive research and development SHOXS have developed the ultimate in shock mitigation for seating
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The Comfort Factor

When it comes to recreational watersports, thrill-seekers and casual boaters alike will agree that cruising through the waves can be a bruising experience for your spine. What many boaters don't realize is that over the long-term, high-speed watercraft can expose them to a dangerous accumulation of impacts that can cause chronic pain and debilitating injuries.

Referred to as mechanical shocks, wave impacts and the hazards they pose have not escaped the attention of major sea-faring organizations and governments. In fact, through its vibration directive 2002/44/EC. the European Union has gone so far as to impose strict shock dosage limits to protect its workers.

With or without legislated exposure limits fleet agencies around the globe are taking action. Navies, Coast Guards and Marine Police Forces increasingly turn to shock mitigation technology to protect their crews. Shock-mitigating suspension seats are a cornerstone of their safety approach, and in recent years the increased focus on testing and performance has dramatically changed the marine industry.

In the military sector SHOXS seats has emerged as the global leader. The company earned its standing through its dedication to engineering, performance, testing and customer support.

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