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On-water demos in London at DSEI

Experience Shoxs jockey seats on a Gemini RIB
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On-water demos in London at DSEI

Put our seats to the test and see why maritime agencies around the world trust Shoxs to protect crews and extend careers on the water. We exhibited our latest impact-mitigation technology and provide on-water demos at this year's Defence and Security International (DSEI), the world's leading event for governments, national armed forces and industry.  

Berthon Boats displayed a Gemini Wave Rider 880 RIB outfitted with Shoxs 5000 series seats.

On the water, the 8.8 meter stepped-volume monohull RIB is unsurpassed for soft ride, dryness, and safe predictable handling. Combined with shock-mitigating seating, crews remain safer and more protected from wave impacts at high speeds. 

The high-density seating arrangement allows front and rear-mounted seats to secure to a common structure, while each seat remains independently suspended on its own isolator (shock). The design is well-suited for open RIBs where space is at a premium and weight is a factor. The tandem seats are deck mounted using the SHOXS TRAXS system, which allow seats to be easily re-positioned or removed to create more deck or occupant space, maximizing the safety and efficiency of critical "at sea" deck and seat configuration changes.

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