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Introducing the Saltcaster L3

Allsalt Maritime Adds Low Profile Shoxs Suspension Seat to Recreational Series
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Introducing the Saltcaster L3

Allsalt Maritime has launched the Shoxs Saltcaster L3, a low-profile shock mitigating seat with an innovative backbone design that allows long travel air shock suspension in a compact footprint. A marinized two-phase suspension system allows independently adjustable pressure and damping, similar to automotive- or bicycle-style suspensions.

“The L3 suspension is tuned to soften the choppy, shorter wave periods found in shallower waters and can be adjusted to best suit the conditions. Controlled rebound damping helps to avoid the uncontrolled bounce when coming off the wave, often described as an ‘ejector-seat’ feel,” says Dan Charboneau, VP of Engineering. “With the Saltcaster L3, there is a smooth transition from the wave impact into the resulting rebound.”

Specially designed for near-shore fishing boats, the Saltcaster L3 is an all-in-one suspension seat system that can be easily installed or retrofitted in center consoles, skiffs, bay boats, or small cabin boats, providing compact seat cushion height without sacrificing suspension travel.

In addition to the new Saltcaster L3, the Shoxs Caster seat series offers Helmcaster and Saltcaster seat buckets paired with our X4 or X8 pedestal style suspension featuring 4 or 8 inches of travel designed for the offshore or tournament angler seeking more comfort in extreme conditions.

Every Caster seat component is selected with the saltwater environment in mind. Ergonomically contoured shock absorbing foam cushions are coupled with a marine-grade air shock underneath, delivering ergonomic comfort plus shock absorption without the challenge of matching seats with suspension bases.

Hard coat anodized aluminum components, 316 stainless steel, and fiber reinforced composite seat backs result in a ‘never-corrode’ design. The Saltcaster L3 features padded, folding arm rests and complies with ABYC standards.

Learn more about the Shoxs Saltcaster L3 and the Caster seat series.