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Colombia Receives Vessels to Combat Narcotrafficking

The six boats are equipped with SHOXS shock-mitigated seating
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Colombia Receives Vessels to Combat Narcotrafficking

The United States gifted Colombia with five new 380X Defender interception boats and a 410 Apostle, each built by US manufacturer SAFE Boats International to support maritime patrol efforts in the Pacific and Caribbean. 

The boats are equipped with shock-mitigated seating to keep crews comfortable for long patrols, and allow the performance necessary for high-speed pursuits. The 380X Defenders are equipped with SHOXS 4800 seating, and the Apostle has the SHOXS 2000. 

“The U.S. government-donated vessels will increase the Coast Guard’s effectiveness in the pursuit and detention of vessels used in narcotrafficking and other illicit activities at sea, while also guaranteeing human security and preserving the country’s natural resources,” Commander Javier Bermúdez, head of the Colombian Navy’s Coast Guard Command, told Diálogo. “In late 2016, top military officers of both countries started the planning and approval processes for the boats.” 

He went on to say that the boats have the "cutting-edge technology that gives us integrated maritime security. They also allow us to control and monitor the sea to neutralize any criminal activity at sea,” Cmdr. Bermúdez said. “Today, terrorist and criminal organizations involved in narcotrafficking change and adapt to military forces’ efforts against them.”

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