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Better Seating for Better Performance

4 reasons to upgrade your seats with suspension
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Better Seating for Better Performance

Make sure your boat operators are protected from painful shock and vibration on the water with suspension seating. 

It's surprisingly easy to replace your existing seats with shock mitigating ones. Here are the top 4 reasons you should consider upgrading your seats:

You (and your crews) need a less painful ride.

A competent boat operator is created by extensive training and years of experience – protect the investment in your team by keeping them safer and more comfortable out on the water.

Shock and vibration in small craft operating at high speed in anything other than calm conditions can be severe enough to cause injuries and damage to equipment. A survey of US Navy Special Boat Unit boat operators found that over 70% reported one or more injuries to the lower back, knee, or shoulder. Nearly all of these injuries occurred on the job.

High quality suspension seating, operated properly, is one tool in your arsenal to prevent such incidents from happening on your watch. 

Protect your high-value assets.

A seat is one of the few components on the vessel with a constant physical connection with operators. Get the most out of your boats by upgrading or replacing the one component that gets daily wear and tear and has the biggest impact on human factors and ergonomics.

There aren’t many other upgrades you could make that provide the same value.

A new boat... Or just new seats?

We probably don’t have to remind you what a new vessel build will cost these days. If a new boat isn't in the budget this year, replacing your existing seats with suspension seat packages may be a more attractive option.

In addition, seat upgrades can be considered maintenance, which can often be easier to fund than seeking budget approval for a brand-new boat.

Going from a fixed seat to a suspended version provides clear and immediate benefits. A better seat can mean the difference between an alert, high performing operator or one that’s fatigued after hours of bracing for wave impacts.

It’s easier than ever.

In the past, many suspension seats on the market have been bulky and hard to replace without serious vessel reconfiguration. Not anymore – the X Series pedestal mount features a sleeker, lightweight design that’s easy to install in most helm or cockpit layouts.