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SHOXS 5900

A purpose built marine suspension seat for maritime security, VBSS, boarding teams and military operations on open boats and RHIBs. Typical applications include crew or pax (passenger) seating. The seat is particularly suitable for high density layouts, where the maximum number of suspension seats are required in a limited space.

Categories: Military Recreational
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Suspension travel on the SHOXS 5900 is 150mm (6”). The SHOXS 5900 utilizes CNC machined, hard anodized 6061-T6 and 5086 H116 aluminum construction. Components include 316 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel fasteners and Titanium. There is an option of black or grey anodizing and the seat upholstery is hand stitched.

Available options include front handhold and rear handhold. SHOXS 5900 seats can be mounted on the SHOXS TRAXS system for quick release when moving seat positions or changing payloads. Fore / aft adjustment and height adjustment are available if required.

Suspension Travel 150mm / 6 in
Material CNC Aluminum / 316 SS / Titanium
Typical Weight H 600 mm / 325 mm / 650 mm
Dimensions H 23.6 in / W 12.8 in / D 25.6 in (open)
Finish Hard Anodized (Grey or Black)
Height Adjustment Available
Fore/Aft Slider Available
Adjustable Suspension Available
Pinch Guard Available
Front Handhold Available
Rear Handhold Available
TRAXS Mount Available
Box Mount Available
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