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SHOXS 3900 X4

Combines jockey-style boat seating with a shock mitigated pedestal, creating a purpose-built, shock-absorbing solution ideal for crew and passenger seating in high density layouts.

Categories: Commercial Recreational
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Shock mitigated technology in a compact package. The 3900 X4 combines a jockey seat designed for open boats, RHIBs, sightseeing tour boats, dive/snorkel adventure boats and crew/passenger transport vessels with the X4 shock mitigated pedestal. The result is a low profile design that provides the maximum amount of cockpit seating for the space available. 4 inches (112 mm ) of  optional Height Adjustment allows for a comfortable fit for any occupant. 4 inches (112 mm) of suspension travel provides shock mitigation in moderate conditions. The 3900 X4 can be box or deck mounted.

Material CNC Aluminum, 316 SS, Titanium
Suspension Travel 4 inch (112 mm)
Upholstery Waterproof Marine Vinyl, UV Stable and Mold Resistant
Height Adjustment Available
Adjustable Suspension Available
Front Handhold Available
Deck Mount Available
Box Mount Available
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