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SHOXS 3700 X8

The SHOXS 3700-X8 combines a flip up helm seat with the latest in shock mitigated pedestal technology for seated or standing operation.

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The combination of SHOXS bucket seat technology and the X8 pedestal together create a safe, shock-mitigated helm seat for cabin or center console vessels. It features a fold up bolster cushion so the occupant can stand in front of the seat. 8" of suspension travel create a smooth, safe ride in rough seas. Couple the optional seat slider and the seat can be moved completely out of the way to allow for movement between the seat and the console. Custom upholstery options available.

Suspension Travel 8 inches (200-210 mm)
Finish Anodized (Black or Silver)
Upholstery Waterproof Marine Vinyl, UV Stable and Mold Resistant
Height Adjustment Available
Fore/Aft Slider Available
Armrests Standard Available
Armrests Wide Available
Storage/Chart Pocket Available
Hand Grips Available
2 Point Harness (Lap Belt) Available
360 Swivel Available
Armrest Mounted Controls Available
Deck Mount Available
Box Mount Available
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