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SHOXS 2200

A military-style boat helm seat that can be integrated onto suspension seat mount pedestals

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The SHOXS 2200 is now available as a stand alone bucket seat that can be integrated onto the SHOXS X Series pedestals or any other after market type pedestal. The 2000 bucket has over a decade of military and commercial use so it's built to last. The gun metal grey anodized finish and black upholstery make for an eye catching appearance and definite conversation starter. Now available from our online retailers. 

Mounting Fixed Mount, Pedestal Mount, Surface Mount
Material CNC Aluminum / 316 SS
Base Weight 30 lb / 13.6 kg
Finish / Coatings Hard Anodized (Grey or Black)
Upholstery Waterproof Marine Vinyl, UV Stable and Mold Resistant
Fore/Aft Slider Available
Armrests Standard Available
Armrests Wide Available
Storage/Chart Pocket Available
Hand Grips Available
2 Point Harness (Lap Belt) Available
4 Point Harness Available
5 Point Harness Available
Headrest Available
Armrest Mounted Controls Available
Post Mount Available
Box Mount Available
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