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Joe Isley, Jr.

Avid Fisherman and Boat Owner in Southwest Florida
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Joe Isley, Jr.

Joe Isley, Jr. is an avid fisherman and boat owner in Southwest Florida. His father founded Boatmaster in 1980 in southwest Florida to supply rugged boat trailers for commercial and military use. Joe now manages business development for Boatmaster, and has seen firsthand in his customers the effects of operating high speed watercraft in rough water.

Years of time spent on the water, causing back pain, prompted Joe to undergo back surgery to correct a damaged disc. For him, an impact-absorbing seat was the key to getting back out on the water safely and painlessly. He installed a SHOXS X4 pedestal underneath his existing helm chair in his 20’ Lake and Bay flats boat to counteract the rough Gulf waters and keep his repaired spine intact.

“We took the boat out and ran wide open in some serious chop,” he said after the maiden voyage with the new seat mount. “Didn’t feel the waves at all.”