The industry’s most trusted supplier of shock mitigation seating technologies and systems

CDG Coast Dynamics Group LTD


ENGINEERING A SAFER FUTURE. The engineering team at CDG Coast Dynamics Group are committed to leading safety standards and reducing injury to those in maritime security, search and rescue, law enforcement and commercial support operations who have dedicated their lives to serving their country and community. We strive to provide these men and women with the highest quality products to help keep them safe and be effective in unpredictable and often dangerous working environments.

TRUST AND SECURITY. When it comes to shock mitigation seating technology our reputation for impeccable quality and superior engineering speaks for itself. By choosing SHOXS our customers across the globe have proven time and time again that when it comes to the safety and security of our men and women there are no cutting corners, there are no shortcuts. That is why SHOXS seating technologies are trusted and remain the #1 choice for boat builders, vessel manufacturers and end users alike.

Across 38 territories worldwide, manufacturers and operators ask for SHOXS by name wherever a higher standard of safety, quality and reliability is demanded.

LEADING THE WAY. At CDG Coast Dynamics Group we are consistently raising the bar through superior engineering and functional design, integrating new technologies for ergonomics, durability, and most importantly, safety. That’s why we’ve become the industry’s most trusted supplier of shock mitigation seating technologies and systems. Experience a higher level of service and expertise from the initial concept stage to final on-site delivery anywhere in the world.

THE NUMBERS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES. Our design team leads the industry with over 65 years experience, staying ahead of the curve and setting product innovation standards across the globe. The team at CDG have quickly become the “go to” people for vessel manufacturers and end users alike who seek proven designs for real world demands. Call our SHOXS Sales and Support line any time at 1.888.637.4697 for more information and friendly assistance.

TEST, TEST, THEN RETEST. The CDG Coast Dynamics Group Development Lab is a global leader in shock mitigation research and design, advancing our product line and technology through sea trials, field usage, science and engineering. We work closely with suppliers to develop a wide range of value added products for our partners and their end users, building and engineering better products with the largest variety of configurations available in the industry today.

WE LISTEN. We constantly hear from customers that we’re successful because we take the time to listen, understand and respond to their needs with functional designs that help boat crews accomplish their goals. As the fastest growing shock mitigation seating provider in the world, we offer the best support team with the fastest response time. This is why the world’s leading vessel manufacturers choose to work with CDG and the SHOXS family of seating technologies.